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The Best Museums in Boise, ID

They say getting to know a city is through its food. Even though Boise has many incredible bars and restaurants, you definitely have to check the museums. From a prison yard to beautiful art museums, you can immerse yourself to learn the history of Boise. Start your Sunday morning at museums. Boise is home to an incredible range of museums enticing a mix of art, history, and culture.

Learn more about the city through the lens of these museums.

Boise Art Museum

Enjoy the talents of Boise, Idaho has to offer. Focusing on the contemporary delightful artwork, Boise Art Museum will amaze you with the depth of meaning behind their art collection. Through these collections, you learn about the historical events in the past. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Idaho State Museum

Offering an interesting look at the history, Idaho State Museum contains artifacts, replicas and interactive exhibits that will teach you about the history of this city itself. The Big Burn exhibit is perfect for your kids, where an interactive presentation incorporates a sense effect, such as artificial wind. The Idaho State Museum is as entertaining as it is educational.

Old Idaho Penitentiary Site

Start your adventure by stepping into a four wall prison yard and imagine the life of confinement as steel doors close behind you. Old Idaho Penitentiary Site holds the scandal, escape, and witness the effects of Boise’s transition from the “wild west” to a mid-20th century capital city. With its 101 years of operation, this museum is one of only four territorial prisons that was built in 1807.

Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Serving both as a memorial and museum, Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is a perfect place for you to learn about the past and change the present. This place is not your typical museum, however it is an 81-acre educational park where you can learn about Anne Frank’s faith in humanity. The tranquil environment makes you soak up the beautiful mind of the past of Anne’s Frank.

Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology

Dedicated to mining and geologic science, Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology is one to check out. If you’re interested in crystal, mineral, & rock specimens, this museum is clearly for you. Maintaining geologic expertise, knowledge of the mining industry in the State, the museum serves you with complete knowledge from the history of the mining in Idaho to the collection of

rare specimens.

Idaho Military History Museum

A place that is full of history, Idaho Military History Museum is the home of machines and engines for you to explore. Wandering around Gowen Field as it was during World War II as well as Idahoans in the Philippine Insurrection through Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom. Remarkably, you can find a collection of armored vehicles.

Where Entertainment Meets Education

It goes without saying that there are incredible museums in Boise, Idaho filled with historical knowledge. You can learn a lot of things about the history of the city or even your own passion through these museums.

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