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Climate in Boise, ID 83709

The climate in Boise can vary throughout the year. Every season has its uniqueness, making the city the perfect choice to visit. You can enjoy Boise outdoors every season, from seeing the flowers bloom to spending time on the ski slopes. There are a lot of options of recreational experience for your family and friends to try in any season. It’s always a good time to visit the city.

Here is the climate in Boise, Idaho, for you to know.


Starting about mid-march, Spring in Boise began to change from cold winter to sunny spring days. Usually, the spring lasts from March through May. During this season,the locals are starting to enjoy more outdoor activities, such as Idaho Botanical Garden and the Greenbelt. You can see many flowers beginning to bloom at this time of year.


Summer in Boise can be as hot as it can be. The temperature can reach over 100 degrees during July. You don’t get much rain in July,but when August comes, the rains start to roll in. The rain usually comes with lightning but minimum precipitation. Boise is a city of outdoor activities. It has lots of green parks, rivers, and sandy beaches. The summer comes from June through August in Boise. It is when the locals are out soaking the sun in various parks that offer a lot of things you can try, such as horseback riding, paddle boarding, or sliding the waterslide in the city river. If you want to simply enjoy nature, Boise is famous for its natural landmarks.


From mid-September to late October,the fall is a quick change of a season. The temperature usually falls between 50-60 degrees. In the fall, the city doesn’t have much rain anymore. The leaves start to change color and finally disappear from the beautiful trees. You can walk through the city’s park to enjoy the color-changing leaves. It is a great time for you to feel the breeze wind through your hair before the snow comes.


The winter in Boise can be freezing, even though it has been described as mild from time to time. The temperature falls to negative with a snowstorm coming. Still, the city usually gets warmer after that,causing the snow to melt. This cycle melts the snow away. However, it makes icy roads throughout the city. In the winter, Boise can have fog covering the cloud, which makes the sun unable to get through and leaves the city with no sunshine for a couple of days. In the winter, you can enjoy the city skiing and snowboarding.

Diverse Seasons

With its diverse seasons, you can still enjoy the city all year round. It is always beautiful in Boise in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. The famous landmarks in the city will make you fall in love with the city. Boise has become an ideal place to live and grow your family. The season, healthcare, natural scenery, outdoor activities, and school option make Boise your perfect home.

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