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Environment in Boise, ID 83712

The city has many perks from its environmental and geographical circumstances. Boise is very proud of its quality of air, land, and water. They are one of the reasons why Boise is a city with an amazing quality of life. The National Boise Forest has greatly created and maintained the city’s fresh air breeze.

Here are some notes that you need to highlight about Boise’s environment.

Air Quality

Boise generally has healthy air with its PM2.5 concentration. It has a great impact on the climate. The main pollution usually comes from seasonal forest fires and wood burning during winter. The city has already banned outdoor burning from reducing additional pollution released into the air. In the summer, the air can tend to be hot and dry. During the winter, the temperature will drop, and the city will start to be quite cold.

Rain and wind can help reduce some air pollution. Other than natural causes, the city has been trying to help increase air quality by implementing environmental campaigns. There is public information to educate the locals on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. One of the campaigns they are pushing is to use public transportation to reduce carbon emissions.

Land Quality

Boise has a lot of green landmarks. This city has 2,612,000 acres of forest that are filled with granite rock. In Boise National Forest, it is estimated that you can find 28 species of fish. With five rangers districts, Boise National Forest has various big species, such as mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk. The forest is also packed with pure or mixed stands of ponderosa pine, grand fir, Douglas fir,and many more.

As we know, soil is an essential component in the forest ecosystem, since it regulates air and soil. Forest helps with nutrient uptake, decomposition, and water quality in the city. With good soil, trees will be easy to grow, which helps release oxygen and draws in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This means that the forest helps cool down Boise’s climate. Therefore, it is important for the city to maintain the quality of soil to help the living quality in Boise, Idaho.

Water Quality

Water safety is important for drinking and many aspects of our life, such as showering, laundry, washing dishes, and cooking. You can safely drink tap water in Boise. 70% of the water sources come from the 70 wells located throughout the city. And the 305 comes from Marden Water Treatment Plant and Columbia Water Treatment Plant, which originated from the Boise river. Even though tap water in Boise is safe to consume, you still have to ensure lead piping in your home. Always take precautions, we suggest you check Boise’s water quality reports and get your home’s tap water inspection. You can also install a water filtration system to help you with having good quality water.

Like many cities worldwide, water quality will not always be perfect. It is important to check, as Idaho’s law states that every household must get their water tested for contamination once every year.

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