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History of Boise, ID

Boise, Idaho, is a city full of hopes and dreams. It has excellent job opportunities and an incredible quality of life. The city has everything you need and more. It has developed throughout the year, from its architecture, school systems, healthcare systems, fine bars, culture, and most importantly the people ambitious to make the city as great as it is today. But, with its greatness, there’s a long rich history behind how the city established itself. The people of Boise have come a long way, from how the name of Boise was created to the post-World War II condition of the city.

Here are some facts about how Boise is the great city it is today.

“Les Bois”

Ever wonder where the name Boise came from? According to Todd Shallat, a city historian and Professor of History at Boise State, the Boise River was named after Bonneville’s expedition. In 1834, Hudson’s Bay Company founded a trading post along the Oregon Trail on the Snake River called “Les Bois.” Since then, thousands of emigrants have passed through the city on their way to Oregon.

The City of Gold Mining

After several decades, the people of Boise discovered gold in the Boise Basin, which brought more prospectors. This has quickly turned the city from what’s known as “the wilderness” to booming gold mining. Unfortunately, with all its glory, the city’s gold mining era has come to an end. Boise’s winter season comes with deep snow, which makes it impossible for miners to do their job.

The Beginning of Farming Era

After the gold mining era, the people of Boise started to develop their irrigation system. This initiative is followed by crop planting and taking care of the shady streets along the river. Finally, the city began to administer a land application program, which means local farmers are in contract with the city that allows them to use liquid biosolids in private farmland.

The Effect of World War II

Before World War II, the city built several dams and reservoirs to support the local farming initiative. After the war, the military became stronger and stronger in the Boise area. Unfortunately, the bases at Gowen Field and Mountain Home were deactivated because they were too close to the civilian runways causing Boise’s air space to be too messy. In 1948, the city redesigned and reactivated Mountain Home Air Force Base, a training site for many aircraft.

The City Today

In today’s world, Boise offers many opportunities with excellent quality of life, including great hospitals, environmental quality and incredible schools. There are 33 elementary schools, 8 junior high schools, and 5 senior high schools. This city is perfect for you who loves being outdoors, with its rivers, mountains, canyons, and recreational parks. You can spend time being outdoors all year round, since the city has lots of recreational activities for every season. With that being said, Boise is great to build and grow your family. There’s always a place for you in Boise, Idaho.

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