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Hospitals in Boise, ID 83706

Boise has distinguished hospitals that take care of patients with various illnesses. You can find different kinds of hospitals throughout the city, from general hospitals to veteran care. Boise is also home to one of the best trauma centers in Idaho. Not only will you get a pleasant experience throughout your health journey, but these hospitals are also pushing to break the medical innovations with their research and clinical trials. You definitely have to get to know some of these hospitals in case of an emergency.

These hospitals have dedicated physicians and nurses to take care of your needs.

Treasure Valley Hospital

Located at 8800 W Emerald St, Treasure Valley Hospital is a non-emergency hospital dedicated to giving the best health quality health care at the best price. The services in this hospital include surgical,pharmacy,anesthesiology, and radiology.

The most common treatment is the surgical service, which covers orthopedics,gynecology,neurosurgery, general surgery, pain management, urology, and ear, nose, and throat treatment. Treasure Valley Hospital is very well equipped. With its 360 patient services,you will be guaranteed well taken care of and have excellent clinical outcomes.

St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center

James Bowen Funsten built St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center in 1902. For more than 100 years, this hospital has been successfully thriving in handling patient care. It covered a lot of services: urgent care, family practice, internal medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatric, children, cancer care, hearing and balance, heart and vascular care, mental health, neuroscience,orthopedics, rehabilitation, urology, and women’s services. St. Luke’s Boise

Medical Center has invested in clinical trials and research studies. They are currently testing new drugs, equipment,and devices to improve patient care and services.

Saint Alphonsus Health System

Saint Alphonsus Health System has been nominated as one of the Top 15 Health Systems in the country by IBM Watson Health. Located at 1055 N Curtis Rd, this hospital has the most advanced Trauma Center. In any case of Trauma, Stroke, or Heart Attack, you don’t have to worry because this hospital is filled with board-certified emergency physicians and nurses. One of the most well-known services is cancer care, where you can get 3D imaging and mobile mammography diagnosis. It can help detect cancer at the earliest stage. Saint Alphonsus Health System is also the only Brachytherapy Center of Excellence. It has successfully reduced the radiation treatment from six weeks to five days for partial breast cancer patients.

Vibra Hospital of Boise

Vibra Hospital of Boise is a critical care hospital specializing in treating patients that need extended periods to recover in a normal hospital setting. This hospital is filled with physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and many more support providers. The dedicated professionals focus on helping patients with complex medical needs from various critical or chronic illnesses to recover. Vibra Hospital of Boise provides both medical and support services. The medical services cover 24-hour nursing care, daily physician management, physician specialist consultations, wound care, respiratory therapy, and many more. The rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and many more.

Boise VA Medical Center

Boise VA Medical Center is located at 500 W Fort St. This hospital focuses on providing care to veterans and their families. With its 1,456 employees, Boise VA Medical Center offers extensive primary, mental health, specialty care, and social programs. Primary care concentrates on medication, pharmacist consultation, and women’s veteran care. Mental health care covers behavioral health and suicide prevention. The specialty care offers cancer care, audiology and speech care, neurology, optometry, pain management, and many more. The social programs allow patients to take part in social work. Fun fact, this hospital is located on the site of Fort Boise.

Dedicated Physicians and Nurses

Some of these hospitals have been recognized and get a lot of accreditations and achievements. The health services in this city are endless. Boise has everything you need, from great museums to school choices. This city has been nominated as the happiest city for lots of reasons!

Hopefully, this article about hospitals around the city will help you! Brought to you by ID Roofing, an excellent quality roof replacement company in Boise, Idaho.

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