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Neighborhoods in Boise, ID 83713

Boise has been nominated as the best place to live in 2019 by Forbes. This city has everything you need. It is surrounded by mountains and filled with green parks, vibrant restaurants and coffee shops, and unique art galleries. It is ideal for your professional to move to the city. It is also suitable for you who want to grow your family because this city has a lot of great public and private schools. Safe neighborhoods are one of the main reasons people migrate to Boise.

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Boise, Idaho.


Highlands is a growing neighborhood with a 1,041 population. This neighborhood has an incredible environment, with its Crane Creek Country Club as your next-door recreational place for your friends and family. Your eyes will enjoy the view of Boise Foothills and the glance of the valley right out your window. This neighborhood has a lot of modern conveniences, but also you can enjoy the natural scenery around.

East End

With 6,608, East End is one of the best places to live in Idaho. It has many restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks. People who live in the East End tend to be young professionals. This is a beautiful neighborhood that is filled with large canopy trees on the sidewalks and roadways. Most children in the neighborhood attend Adams Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary School, North Junior High, and Boise High.

Central Hills

Central Hills has around 100 population. Living in Central Hills, there is rarely crime reported. Most of the people who live in Central Hills own their homes. This neighborhood also offers incredible natural scenery on your doorstep. Children in this neighborhood mostly attend Collister Elementary, Highlands Elementary, Lowell Elementary, Washington Elementary, William Howard Taft Elementary, North Junior High, Hillside Junior High, and Boise High.

Boise Heights

Boise Height will give you that suburban feel with its 1,479 population. Boise Heights is located in the foothills, which offers you the downtown skyline view. This neighborhood was called the first “view community” when it was built around the 1950s to early 1970s. This neighborhood appeals to a lot of people because of its closeness to the downtown and North End area.

North End

This beautiful neighborhood with easy access to the foothills has around 8,003 population. North End is full of life. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. As one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, North End was the city’s first suburban development. North End is well known for its dozen parks, including Camel’s Back Park, which offers green outdoor layouts for a picnic or outdoor activities, tennis courts, and playgrounds.


Downtown is where you can have a life in the heart of the city. You can get the urban lifestyle with nightlife, arts, culture, and amazing restaurants surrounding this neighborhood. It’s not surprising that real estate price is increasing every year. It is ideal for you who want to live in a condo and reach the restaurants or your office by bike.

Boise Bench

Located in the south of Downtown Boise, this neighborhood is set higher than Downtown Boise, which is why it is called Bench Boise. The park in this neighborhood called Bench’s Ann Morrison Park annually hosts Boise’s biggest Fourth of July celebration. The celebration is open to adults and children, and there are going to be a lot of food trucks coming from across the city and local artists performing in the park.

Moving to Boise

There are plenty of neighborhood choices for you if you are planning to move to Boise, Idaho. This city’s streets are amazing. Boise has an incredible quality of life. You can explore the city through its parks and amazing art galleries. Visit Boise and guarantee you will find your new home.

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