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Schools in Boise, ID

Boise is home to thousands of families. The district has more than 26,000 students who are enrolled in the public schools across the city. The excellent quality of life makes many people migrate to Boise to start a new chapter of their lives. With its population, the city has many options of public schools for you to choose from. Several public schools have reputable academic achievements. School quality is measured by students’ performance on state-required tests, graduation, and junior high, senior high, or college preparation.

We listed several public schools in the Boise Independent District for your children.

Elementary School

Boise has 33 elementary schools throughout the city. Collister Elementary School is among the top schools ranked #3 in Idaho Elementary Schools. In this school, 87% of the students are successfully proficient in math and reading. Another top elementary school is Highlands Elementary School, which has 17 full-time teachers and 275 students. This school is ranked #4 out of 188 Idaho Elementary Schools. There is also Longfellow Elementary School, ranked third in the city. Home to 216 students, this school enrolled 11% of economically disadvantaged students.

There are several elementary schools worth mentioning: Roosevelt Elementary School, Riverside Elementary School, Monroe Elementary School, Hawthorne Elementary School, Adams Elementary School, and Cynthia Mann Elementary School.

Junior High School

There are 8 junior high schools in Boise, Idaho. Ranked first place in Boise, East Junior High School provides 40 full-time teachers and has 577 students. This school has enrolled 21% of minority students. Second place is North Junior High School, with a student-teacher ratio of 15:1. Next is West Junior High, with its 695 students that performed well on state-required tests.

Several junior high schools in the city are Fairmont Junior High School, Hillside Junior High School, Les Bois Junior High School, Riverglen Junior High School, and South Junior High School.

Senior High School

5 public senior high schools are spread throughout the city. The top public senior high school is Boise Senior High School. This school is ranked seventh within Idaho, with an 89% graduation rate and 67% rate for Advanced Placement coursework and exams participation. The next school is Borah Senior High School, which has an 83% rate for graduation. It provides 83 full-time teachers.

Other senior high schools are Capital High School, Frank Church High School, and Timberline High School.

Sign up your children for school!

These public schools in Boise performed well in reading and math skills. Boise has a lot of great quality schools with outstanding, dedicated teachers. There are a lot of great cities in the country, but not every city is suitable for you to grow your family and raise your children. This goes without saying, Boise is safe for your children with its school, hospital, parks, and even a great selection of restaurants. It is also a home for outdoor recreational activities with its great natural scenery. Boise is perfect for your home. No matter if you’re planning to have a family or not, the city definitely has everything you need!

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